Monthly Archive: October 2014


Shrunken Head Shop – Live in Germany (2013)

A bold and adventurous journey, Willie Oteri and company perform totally without preconceived notions, framework or discussion with this very cool set of concerts in three different locations in Germany. There is improvisation and then there is doing it spontaneous with no planning whatsoever. This off the cuff and naked on the spot playing is what Oteri and crew specialize in. Check out recordings by WD-41 for more music from Oteri and Laczko.


Flat Earth Society – 13 (2013)

Not only is this NOT your father’s big band, but this is for avant big band and beyond fans. In fact, you can listen to it, allow it to cuddle you, nudge you, kick you, engulf your mind and sweep your feet from you like a tsunami wave.