Art Rockin'


Clea Pratt Interview

By Salim Ghazi Saeedi(*)

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things”, the simple notion Oscar Wilde begins his myriads of beauty adorations in The Picture of Dorian Gray with, here is the bottom line story. For Clea, beauty is omnipresent: From her deep and crystal clear voice texture to intelligent use of dynamics and expressive voice techniques and even bow-shaped eyebrows that Persian literature dramatises for relentlessly piercing hearts.


Rebecca-Maree Interview

Singing covers by musicians ranging from All Time Low to Katy Perry with a certain brand of panache, budding singer Rebecca-Maree of Melbourne is here with us today to discuss her influences and future plans with her music. Her soaring vocal melodies have won her several fans from her semi-regular performances in and around Melbourne at venues such as The Northcote Hotel, so be sure to check her out if you’re a regular punter in Melbourne’s indie scene! Her first single ‘Hearts’ was released very recently on the 19th of February and the mellifluous acoustic instrumentation juxtaposed with her lush vocal textures are sure to win her plenty of new fans.


Chole Ray – The Waiting Room (2016)

The Waiting Room debut album from UK singer Chloe Ray is a collection of beautiful and emotional ballads. She started writing music at an early age and grew listening to notable artists like Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, and Johnny Cash. Like her favorite singers, Ray’s songs tell the audience a story from her point of view.


Tom Gourlay Interview

Listen to Tom Gourlay’s voice and you hear perhaps one of the best new voices in music. Tom Gourlay can sign an acoustic song like Platform. Tom Gourlay released a 7 song E.P. where all seven songs standout strongly. He is a great talent who lucky for the fans there is a lot more to come. The 7 song E.P. The alchemist is an E.P. worth buying. It makes you wanting to hear more music from Tom Gourlay.


Grizfolk Interview

For many musicians, actors and artists of of all sorts, every goal begins with a dream! Dreams, often, lead you to make big decisions, such as, relocating to a totally different place you perhaps never even thought of calling home. Grizfolk’s birth started just like that!


Interview with Cyrille Verdeaux

I did this interview with Cyrille Verdeaux over the months of Feburary and March 2015. It was a pleasure to get such detailed and personal information from him with so many subjects concerning not only his multiple versions of Clearlight but also about the music business both then and now. Having spent so many hours with the music involving Cyrille, I have always felt a close bond with the scene of the progressive rock 70’s which explored all these fantastic worlds.


Clearlight – Impressionist Symphony (2014)

Latest Clearlight project by the supreme Cyrille Verdeaux is outstanding and not to be missed. Bringing back original band mates from debut “Clearlight Symphony” (1974) With Gong’s Didier Malherbe, Steve Hillage and Tim Blake. Also appearing are Paul Sears (drummer for The Muffins), Linda Cushma, Chris Kovax, Craig Fry, Vincent Thomas-Penny and Remy Tran.


Out of Naught, True Prog Rock Fluctuates :: A House of Not Interview

As our reviewer, Lee Henderson puts it, “looks like this band is ready to step up where Pink Floyd left off!” Truthfully, regarding my own weird and complicated taste of music, it has been a long time since a new album took my attention to a degree that I stopped and listened to the whole album at the first time of listening! I am so excited to be talking with Brian Erikson from House of Not!


Mark Wingfield – Proof of Light (2015)

This is wonderful in every way. A trio with Mark Wingfield – guitars, Yaron Stavi – bass, and Asaf Sirkis on drums, makes its way into the world of elite musical recordings. For those that have ever dreamed of a hybrid album with the sounds of Terje Rypdal, Eberhard Weber, and Allan Holdsworth (yes those great years of ECM goods and then the pinpoint fingers of Mr. Fusion himself), your dream has come true.


Baiki – Globalienation (2014)

Brilliant Belgian eccentric pop band releases new recording called “Globalienation”. Their early works include “Tosa” (2001) eccentric pop in Nits vein produced by Michal Van Achter (a multi talented musician in his own right), full of dramatic to humorous looks along with very inventive music all around. It’s very delightful and endearing, with a talent for imagery. Philipe Bailley on guitar and vocals (he also reminds me of the brilliant Dutch band Gruppo Sportivo).