Monthly Archive: February 2016


Rebecca-Maree Interview

Singing covers by musicians ranging from All Time Low to Katy Perry with a certain brand of panache, budding singer Rebecca-Maree of Melbourne is here with us today to discuss her influences and future plans with her music. Her soaring vocal melodies have won her several fans from her semi-regular performances in and around Melbourne at venues such as The Northcote Hotel, so be sure to check her out if you’re a regular punter in Melbourne’s indie scene! Her first single ‘Hearts’ was released very recently on the 19th of February and the mellifluous acoustic instrumentation juxtaposed with her lush vocal textures are sure to win her plenty of new fans.


Chole Ray – The Waiting Room (2016)

The Waiting Room debut album from UK singer Chloe Ray is a collection of beautiful and emotional ballads. She started writing music at an early age and grew listening to notable artists like Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, and Johnny Cash. Like her favorite singers, Ray’s songs tell the audience a story from her point of view.


Tom Gourlay Interview

Listen to Tom Gourlay’s voice and you hear perhaps one of the best new voices in music. Tom Gourlay can sign an acoustic song like Platform. Tom Gourlay released a 7 song E.P. where all seven songs standout strongly. He is a great talent who lucky for the fans there is a lot more to come. The 7 song E.P. The alchemist is an E.P. worth buying. It makes you wanting to hear more music from Tom Gourlay.


Grizfolk Interview

For many musicians, actors and artists of of all sorts, every goal begins with a dream! Dreams, often, lead you to make big decisions, such as, relocating to a totally different place you perhaps never even thought of calling home. Grizfolk’s birth started just like that!