Monthly Archive: March 2015


Out of Naught, True Prog Rock Fluctuates :: A House of Not Interview

As our reviewer, Lee Henderson puts it, “looks like this band is ready to step up where Pink Floyd left off!” Truthfully, regarding my own weird and complicated taste of music, it has been a long time since a new album took my attention to a degree that I stopped and listened to the whole album at the first time of listening! I am so excited to be talking with Brian Erikson from House of Not!


Mark Wingfield – Proof of Light (2015)

This is wonderful in every way. A trio with Mark Wingfield – guitars, Yaron Stavi – bass, and Asaf Sirkis on drums, makes its way into the world of elite musical recordings. For those that have ever dreamed of a hybrid album with the sounds of Terje Rypdal, Eberhard Weber, and Allan Holdsworth (yes those great years of ECM goods and then the pinpoint fingers of Mr. Fusion himself), your dream has come true.


Baiki – Globalienation (2014)

Brilliant Belgian eccentric pop band releases new recording called “Globalienation”. Their early works include “Tosa” (2001) eccentric pop in Nits vein produced by Michal Van Achter (a multi talented musician in his own right), full of dramatic to humorous looks along with very inventive music all around. It’s very delightful and endearing, with a talent for imagery. Philipe Bailley on guitar and vocals (he also reminds me of the brilliant Dutch band Gruppo Sportivo).