Monthly Archive: April 2015


Interview with Cyrille Verdeaux

I did this interview with Cyrille Verdeaux over the months of Feburary and March 2015. It was a pleasure to get such detailed and personal information from him with so many subjects concerning not only his multiple versions of Clearlight but also about the music business both then and now. Having spent so many hours with the music involving Cyrille, I have always felt a close bond with the scene of the progressive rock 70’s which explored all these fantastic worlds.


Clearlight – Impressionist Symphony (2014)

Latest Clearlight project by the supreme Cyrille Verdeaux is outstanding and not to be missed. Bringing back original band mates from debut “Clearlight Symphony” (1974) With Gong’s Didier Malherbe, Steve Hillage and Tim Blake. Also appearing are Paul Sears (drummer for The Muffins), Linda Cushma, Chris Kovax, Craig Fry, Vincent Thomas-Penny and Remy Tran.