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Go Betty Go! A Classic Rebel Soul of Rock ‘n Roll

Who cannot have respect for the rebel souls of rock ‘n roll? Go Betty Go has got everything. A classic band line-up; Great guitar riffs; Catchy lyrics and even guitar solos! Here we sit by this fresh sounding band from Los Angeles while their 2014 album, Reboot playing in the background. Be sure to check their website at


The Classic Union of the Masters :: Interview with Tony Levin

I hadn’t the chance of listening to The Levin Brothers luxury union of the masters, Tony Levin, Pete Levin, Jeff “Siege” Siegel, David Spinozza, Erik Lawrence and Steven Gadd on the vinyl – as it is the way you should. That’s because I am far away in a nowhere spot of the planet just putting my ears on the internet line. But where a true piece of “classic” jazz resides but at the bottom of our hearts? Be sure to read the honest notes of the band on to feel the degree of intimacy these guys have created.


Fundraising The Minstrel’s Ghost-Jack

The Minstrel’s Ghost is a melodic rock/progressive band featuring Blake Carpenter (writer, singer, keyboards and guitars), Troy James Martin (bassist and singer), Mike Troupe (drummer and singer) and Jartse Tuominen (lead guitars). If you love Pink Floyd, The Alan Parsons Project, Asia, Saga and the like then you will love them too.


SYNDONE, a time machine to the heart of prog

I feel awe talking to SYNDONE as a unique sounding band. Unique in how they teleport us back to the 60s heart of prog! Of course this time with a crystal clear hi-fi sound! How do you like this atmosphere?

We’ve always really liked this atmosphere of Syndone; it is mid-way between the tradition and the future. This is important because it was in the original idea of the band: making a modern prog music but respecting its ’70ies history. It’s important to know where this music come from so we think, with our new album Odysséas” we hit the spot.


Aranis – Made In Belgium II (2014)

Second installment of a said trilogy by exquisite Belgian band who have quite the adventurous history already. With releases showing original material of their own exploring light and dark chamber music, to turn on a dime RIO fit for a king, these ultra-superior musicians took on a voyage of covers by well-deserved (not always famous) fellow Belgian composers and here we are on Volume II. Another supreme platter this time bringing in not only new rules but also unequal artists like Peter Vermeersch (as a composer choice) and Pierre Vervloesem on guitar (tracks 10 and 12) both of X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Society.


Billy Bottle & The Multiple – Unrecorded Beam (2014)

Masterful Canterbury plus much more recording produced by the amazing and ever so multi-talented Lee Fletcher (adding various pipe organ, soundscapes, treatments, and arrangements). This will thrill fans from Hatfield & The North to Robert Wyatt, Carla Bley, Michael Mantler and sophisticated dinner jazz.